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till rolls suppliers johannesburg

Till Tally Rolls are widely distributed and exported to South Africa markets as it is vastly consumed in the markets.We are also seeking for the local market partners.

Key Feature of Till Tally Rolls for Johannesburg :

  • Suitable for Verifone,Sharp,Epson,Samsung calculate machine,credit card machine,EFTPOS terminals,PDQ machines,etc 
  • China thermal till manufacturer and export to South Africa
  • Mostly used sizes are 80 x 83mm ,80 x 80mm,57 x 40mm 
  • Paper quality is similar with Jujo thermal paper,Koehler thermal paper,APP,Mitsubishi 
  • South Africa has got much market share in our overseas market for its transportation advantage and good distribution network.Much of the goods are re-transferred to its neighboring countries:
    • Zimbabwe market ( Harare )
    • Botswana ( Gaborone )
    • Mozambique
    • South Africa ( Durban,Elizabeth,Cape Town)

MOQ: 5,000 rolls for 80 x 80,  10,000 rolls for 57 x 40

Unit Price:  Based on the order Size & Quantity,we can Quote Price for customer

Date: December 11, 2013