Thermal Tape Roll

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Thermal Tape Roll is paper that impregnated with a chemical that changes color when exposed to heat. The thermal paper can be used in supermarket, department, police and administration penalty ticket, ATM machine, instrument and apparatus, portable thermal paper, Medical Record Analyzer, Boarding card, parking meter etc.

Key Specifications of Thermal Tape Roll :

1) Trim end face, refined cutting, can pass machine easily.
2) High brightness, deep thermal image, tight and smooth on both side.
3) Core: cardboard board core and plastic core are available.
4) Common size: 28mmx50mm, 37mmx50mm, 44mmx50mm, 57mmx50mm, 80mmx80mm.
5) Packing: various packing can be made by your requirement, shrink pack, individual pack, etc

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Date: November 07, 2012