Thermal Register Receipt Roll

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Thermal Register Receipt Roll

Thermal Register Receipt Roll is widely used in places where use POS/Cash register system,such as chain supermarket,drug stores,gas stations,hospital,etc.As it is used every day,the market is therefore very stable.

Key feature of Thermal Register Receipt Roll:

  1. Made from 100% virgin wood pulp thermal paper with BPA free
  2. Bond paper roll is also available for the register receipt machine
  3. Mostly used sizes are:Printing artwork is available on paper front and back.Take example,in many detail drug store,some paper rolls such as “Take Care Receipt Roll” “Refund Policy Roll” “Welcome Back Paper Roll” are mostly used
    • 3 1/8” x 220′,3 1/8” x 200′,3 1/8” x 300′
    • 2 1/4” x 75′, 2 1.4” x 80′,2 1/4” x 150′
    • 80x80mm, 80x75mm, 80x70mm,
    • 57x57mm, 57x50mm, 57x40mm
    • Any customized sizes are available
  4. Samples are free and available before making any order
  5. The image life of thermal paper is at least 5 years (In some countries,government has law and policy against paper image life ,such as Israel,Panama,etc)

See Sample about Printing Artwork on Thermal Receipt Rolls

 Read more info about Thermal Receipt Register Roll.pdf

In some countries (Zimbabwe,Botswana,Saudi Arabia,etc),thermal receipt rolls are so much consumed.Nowadays we are seeking Exclusive Distributor or Agent in overseas market,if you have interest to collaborate with us in the project,Contact Us now,let’s discuss the cooperation detail.

Date: May 02, 2013