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Thermal Paper Rolls South Africa

Thermal Paper Rolls from our company are widely exported and distributed to South Africa markets as with fast growing economy of the country.

Key Feature of Our Thermal Paper Rolls:

  • Made from high standard quality paper roll mill jumbo roll
  • 55gsm,58gsm,60gsm thermal roll quality for customer option
  • We have our own slitting and rewinding machine to manufacturer the paper rolls
  • All paper rolls can act as thermal receipt,ticket,payment proof,pay slip in retail business,bank ATM machine,point of sales service,kiosk,hospital,government,etc
  • Dark black print-out image,neat,smooth and shiny
  • Available to ship to South Africa destination ports :
    • Durban port
    • Johannesburg
    • Cape Town
    • Elizabeth
    • Botswana ( Gaborone)
    • Zimbabwe ( Harare )
    • Zambia ( Lusaka )
    • Based on the destination,we can quote shipping cost
  • Mostly imported paper roll sizes are :

Date: December 10, 2013