Thermal Paper Roll for MQS-300

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Thermal Paper Roll for MQS-300

Thermal Paper Roll is also widely used in MOQ-300 (Multi-Queuing System ).Its application covers Transport,Healthcare,Finance,Government,Retail,General Lobby,Bank.

>  What’s the MQS-300 ?

The MQS-300 customer numbering system helps provide Healthcare,Government institution the opportunity to improve the level of customer service.By using a ID number issued from the ticket  dispenser,the customer now has the luxury to move about the room and not have to stand in a line.By the tracking the amount of tickets issued,management and staff benefit by knowing the volume of people waiting to be served.This can also be used to calculate the estimated waiting times.Visual displays such as LED signs can be used to display the customer ID and workstation number.(Read this about manufacturer of the MQS-300)

> Feature of the MQS-300

The MQS-300 includes some parts: Ticket Dispenser,Display Panel,Teller Monitor,Main-3 step display,Vocal Box,Report (Software).

> How is thermal paper roll used in MQS-300?

The paper roll is used in the ticket dispenser.When people press the button,the MQS will automatically tells a paper slip which says the waiting and workstation number.The regular MQS-300 paper size is 57x125mm with 17mm core.

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Date: December 27, 2012