Thermal Paper Producer for South Africa

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Thermal Paper Producers for South Africa

Thermal Paper Rolls are widely exported and distributed to South Africa markets.Some local producers cannot meet with the fast-growing market so they decide to buy from overseas market.

Key Feature of Thermal Paper Rolls :

  • These Premium rolls are made from the best Thermal Paper.Quality similar with Mitsubishi,Koehler,Hansol,etc
  • Have more length on the rolls compared to most standard rolls so you are getting more for your money
  • 55gsm,58gsm,60gsm thermal paper for customer option.Lightweight thermal basis paper,no harm to your printer machine
  • Worldwide universal core, handsome and practical ,12mm,16mm are available
  • High brightness, good in toughness, deep thermal image after printed
  • Neat end surface, good in tightness, convenient and practical
  • Widely used for South Africa and by-side regions :
    • Durban
    • Cape Town
    • Johannesburg
    • Botswana ( Gaborone )
    • Zimbabwe ( Harare )
    • Namibia
    • Mozambique
  • Popular hot paper roll sizes are :

MOQ: 5,000 rolls for 80 x 80

Different paper roll sizes can be mixed into one container.We can Quote Shipping Costs for you