Thermal Credit Card Paper Rolls

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Thermal Credit Card Paper Rolls

Thermal Credit Card Paper Rolls are widely used in credit card terminal machine in shopping mall,retail store,garment store,theater,toll gate,etc which require rapid payment.

Key Feature of Thermal Credit Card Roll :

  • Can be used in many credit card machines: Verifone , Hypercom,Uniwell,Sharp,etc
  • Mostly used paper roll sizes are 57 x 40 mm, 2 1/4” x 80′,etc
  • BPA Free (Contains no Bisphenol),no harm to environment and human body
  • The smooth design of the tape allows it to flow freely through slots and thermal feeds. This helps to prevent jams and clogs in the machine.
  • Clearly legible print-out receipt every time
  • Each roll has an indicator stripe located 3 inches from its end. This helps you know when it’s time to replace the roll before customers notice. 

How to Use Thermal Credit Card Roll :

  • When customer insert the credit card and finish payment in the machine,it can print out the slip telling payment info ( customer name,ID,amount,bank,etc).Customer can read and sign,thus a transation is completed in few seconds
Regular Thermal Credit Card Roll Sizes :

MOQ: 10,000 rolls    Packing : 100 rolls / carton

Unit Price : Contact us for free quote for paper size

Date: May 05, 2014