Taxi Ticketing Paper Roll

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Taxi Ticketing Paper Roll

Taxi Ticketing Paper Roll is used in calculator in taxi or bus.It can calculate driving miles or act as payment receipt in taxi service.

Thermal paper can also be used in parking management system.There are mainly 2 popular management services:

  • Off-street (boomed) parking management
  • kerbside parking management (using a handheld parking meter), or hybrid solution (a combination of the two)
  • Mostly used paper sizes in handheld parking meter is 57mm width
  • Paper gram:  50g,55g,58g,60g
  • Made from 100% virgin wood pulp thermal paper

Normal Size of Thermal Paper used in Taxi:

  • 37mm x 10m
  • 44mm x 8m
  • 57mm x 40mm
  • Customized sizes are available

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Date: January 09, 2013