Self-Contained Carbonless Paper (blue & black image)

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Self-Contained Carbonless Paper has 2 complete coating on the supper surface of paper.It allows you to use any uncoated sheet as the top ply or a form.It can offer instant image formation and copy clarity in Blue and Black images.

Self-Contained Carbonless Paper Roll Description:

  • Dynamic blue or black image through any type of paper without CF ply.
  • Two-coat technology prevents smudges.
  • Provides contrast for printing.
  • Image stands out from black print.
  • SC/CB coating can be used in multi-ply forms.
  • Ideal for specialty forms, checks, credit card receipts and multi-part business forms.

The Available Self-Contained Paper Roll Sizes are:

Self-Contained Carbonless Paper Roll :

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Date: December 26, 2012