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Repeat Logo Printing on Thermal Paper Rolls

Printed design artwork is also available on thermal receipt paper sides. Till receiptshave long been considered a ‘throw away’ item that is an expense that Retailers, Restaurateurs etc could do without. But with careful use of advertising it can be transformed into a very direct benefit.

You may wish to endorse your own products with special offers etc or to incorporate outside advertising from local or national businesses,Or you can print your Logo to promote your brand,Or disclaimer to state the privacy .

Individual paper rolls can carry a single image repeated throughout the roll or we can combine several different images to repeat at predetermined intervals. The options are endless! Meanwhile. Single colour design can display the simplest of adverts but we can print in up to 8 colours including 4-colour process on both sides of the paper.

Regular Pre-printed Paper Roll:

Printed Artwork Content:

  • Promotion Advertisement
  • Company Brand,Logo,Slogan,Banner
  • Refund Policy
  • User Disclaimer
  • Customized Content is available

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Date: November 03, 2012