Non Thermal Single Ply Rolls 76 x 76mm

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Non Thermal Single Ply 76 x 76

Non Thermal Single Ply Rolls can be used with most impact receipt printers which have a printer ink ribbon / cassette such as Epson TM 210, TM 220, TM 230, M188B along with many others.

Key Feature of Non Thermal Single Ply Roll 76 x 76mm :

  • 76mm ( 3″ ) width x 76mm (3″ ) diameter
  • Made from 60gsm,70gsm bond jumbo roll,paper length can be up to 60m – 65m
  • Bond paper is not suitable for Thermal Printers as they require specific Thermal Paper Rolls .The main difference between bond and thermal roll is bond paper has no coating work on paper surface
  • Very high quality Epson aproved single ply white roll for single copy transactions, this brilliant white paper will provide a sharper image and with no bleed
  • China origin paper roll factory,we have our own converter & slitting machine ,lowest price guaranteed 
  • Worldwide shipping is reachable for us such as :
    • Australia
    • Singapore
    • Nigeria
    • South Africa
    • Israel
    • Syria
    • Saudi Arabia

Packing: 50 rolls / case   MOQ: 5000 rolls

Unit Price : $0.450/roll

Based on the Discharge Port,we can Quote Shipping Cost for you

Date: January 03, 2014