Debit Card Machine Paper Roll 57 x 25m

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Debit Card Paper Roll 57 x 25m

Debit Card Machine Paper Roll can be used for Verifone,Sharp,Uniwell portable POS machine or handheld mobile payment terminals. The rolls are consumed vastly in shopping mall,parking lots,etc.

Use of Thermal Paper in Debit Card Machines:

Customers swipe their credit cards or debit cards on a magnetic card reader that completes the sale electronically. Once the transaction is completed, a thermal paper receipt is issued containing all the required information. The paper comes on narrow rolls that are installed directly in the magnetic card reader machine. After the receipt is issued to the buyer the machine cuts off the thermal paper with a cutter.

Key Feature of Debit Card Machine Paper Roll :

  • 57mm (2 1/4″) width x 25m ( length)
  • Made from 55g,58g,60g lightweight thermal paper.Good coating thermal paper material
  • Dark,black and clear print-out image
  • 5+ Year Image Life,End of Paper Roll Warning Stripe,100% Lint Free Paper
  • Different from bond paper,which require ink ribbons in receipt machine.Thermal paper can reflect image in printers with no ribbon

Other Paper Roll Sizes Used for Debit Card Machine:

MOQ: 10,000 rolls

 Packing: 100 rolls / carton

Unit Price: $0.185/roll