Cash Register Tape Roll

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Cash Register Tape Roll

Cash Register Tape Roll is widely used in thermal printer,POS & EPOS,cash register machine.Unlike other types of paper, cash register tape provides for high quality print outs that last for decades without any signs of fading. 

  • Court System “Knife / Counter-Knife” which produces a clean cut and prevents dusting.
  • Automatic tension control, rewind guaranteeing perfect.
  • Electronic control ensures footage “exact length” of the roll (such as 3 1/8” x 220′,we make the length full at 220′)
  • Automatic Packaging sealing system or flow pack as features of each product ensures durability and maintenance of the delivered product.
  • Automatic threading for proper rewind.
  • Paper not adhered to the hub, to avoid breakage of the drive of the printer.
  • Canned personalized customer identification and tracking for the distribution of its products.
  • Printed Rolls “Full Color” from 1-7 colors per side

Available Cash Register Tape Roll Sizes :

MOQ : 5,000 rolls for 80 mm paper roll

Unit Price :  Contact us for free quote for paper size

Date: January 26, 2013