BPA Free Thermal Roll 3 1/8” x 225′

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BPA Free Thermal Roll

BPA Free Thermal Roll is made from thermal paper without BPA (Bisphenol A).This kind of paper is mostly used in kiosk,supermarket,chain retail store,drug store wherever uses POS & Cash register system.One of mostly used size is 3 1/8” x 225′.

What is BPA?

  • BPA is a mass-produced industrial chemical used primarily to make polycarbonate plastics and epoxy resins.
  • In Jan 2010, the US FDA announced that recent studies provide reason for concern about the potential adverse health effects of BPA in infants and children, especially for applications with direct food.
  • Bans are in place in Japan, Canada, and a growing number of US states.
  • For more information,read this article facts about BPA


Key feature of BPA free Thermal Roll 3 1/8” x 225′:

  • Width: 3 1/8” (80mm)  Length: 225′ (68m)  Core: 1/2” (12.7mm)
  • Other mostly used sizes are 3 1/8” x 220′,2 1/4” x 75′,2 1/4” x 200′.etc
  • Weight from 50gsm to 100g/m²
  • Several sensitivity thermal level (low to high)
  • Printing image last 5-12 years in normal stories conditions
  • Full color printing artwork is available

Read More about BPA Free Thermal Roll.pdf

This kind of paper roll is mostly used in Canada,the USA and other America countries.And it sells well in this area.If you got any interest in the products,Contact us  now.


Date: March 28, 2013