Autocopy Paper Roll — 2ply or 3ply (Exclusively)

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   Autocopy Paper Roll (or Self Contained Paper Roll )is similar with carbonless paper,however,both the 2 layers can reflect image after printed.It is exclusively manufacturer in our factory.

 Key Specifications of Autocopy Paper Roll:

  • Best image development, high image intensity, good light durability
  • 100% wood-pulp and mixed-pulp paper are available.
  • various colors for choose: pink, yellow, blue and green.
  • 1-8 color can be printed on both sides.
  • regular basis weights (grams): CB 45, 50, 55 60 GSM CF: 50, 55, 60 GSM.
  • Regular sizes are 57x57mm,75x75mm,57x40mm


 We are China carbonless paper roll manufacturer. And in order to ensure customer satisfaction and environmental friendly production, we manufacturer our papers such as carbonless paper roll according to the standard international quality management. If you have interests in our carbonless paper roll, please feel free to Contact Us. We expect cooperation with you.


Date: November 14, 2012