80 x 150mm ATM Paper Roll

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ATM Thermal Paper Roll 80x150mm

80 x 150mm ATM Paper Roll is made from thermal paper.It usually has sensor mark to distinguish every part of thermal receipt paper.It is mostly used in ATM machine in bank and other applications using ATM machine such as hotel,plaza,inns,etc.

Key Feature of 80 x 150 ATM Paper Roll:

  • 80mm width ,150mm diameter,25mm core .
  • Other mostly used sizes 80x200x25mm,80x175x25mm,etc
  • It has sensor mark printed on back or front of receipt paper
  • Applicable for many brands ATM machines: NCR,Diebold,Fujitsu,etc
  • It is usually combined used with journal paper 76x76mm,80x80mm
  • We can make samples with sensor mark as per your request.Read this about how to get samples from us

Download 80×150 ATM Paper Roll Info and Price.pdf

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Date: March 09, 2013