80mm Till Slip Roll Thermal with Cheap Price

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80mm Till Slip Roll Thermal with Cheap Price

80mm Till Roll Slip is widely used in departmental stores, restaurants, pharmacies, garment Stores, jewelry shops, hotel billing, super market, STD., PCO., telex reports & other retail stores.

Key Feature of 80mm Till Slip Roll Thermal :

  • 80mm (3 1/8″) width paper roll
  • Made from heat sensitive paper with thermal coating on paper surface,different function with bond paper
  • You can scratch with your fingernail on the paper surface.Thermal paper is with black image reaction
  • Good coation work,5+ Year Image Life,End of Paper Roll Warning Stripe,100% Lint Free Paper
  • Printed quality close to original dark, sharp and clear
  • With end mark to active machine memory when film runs out
  • Long unfold paper ,long time using out. Tightly wrapped paper roll
  • Hot 80mm Till Roll Slip Sizes are :
  • Worldwide Markets are reachable for us:
    • Zimbabwe
    • Saudi Arabia
    • Kuwait
    • Angola
    • Australia
    • Singapore
    • Yemen
    • Botswana
    • Nigeria
  • Either sea shipping & air delivery is available for us

MOQ: 5,000 rolls

Packing: 50 rolls / carton

Unit Price: Contact us for quotation for your paper size

Date: March 18, 2014