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80mm Epson Printer Paper Roll Supplier

80mm Width Paper Roll can be used for Epson thermal printer.It can be used in bank,hotel,restaurant,leisure section and many other places which require receipt tapes.

Key Feature of 80mm Epson thermal paper :

  • 80mm thermal paper roll is mostly used for Epson printers which requires no ribbon
  • TM-T88V POS Receipt Printer is one of the Epson serious that mostly used 80 x 80mm thermal paper roll
  • China origin thermal paper roll manufacturer,skilled experience guarantee the paper rolls run well in Epson printer,no harm to Epson print head
  • Despite of Epson,thermal rolls are also suitable for all thermal printers including kitchen printers, EPOS printers, payment terminal,credit card machine,etc
  • High quality thermal paper rolls with sensitive thermal coating delivering clean and legible prints
  • Cost-effective for customers to import thermal rolls from us

Available 80mm Printer Paper Sizes :

MOQ; 5,000 rolls       Packing: 50 rolls / case

Unit Price: Contact us for free quote 

Date: December 09, 2013