80MM Blank Thermal Register Roll

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Blank Thermal Register Roll is referred to thermal paper roll used in cash register machine with no printing work.It is widely used in chain retail store,shopping mall,kiosks,etc.In busy retail outlets ,the paper rolls can be consumed at least 100rolls per day.

Key Feature of Blank Thermal Register Roll:

  • Used for cash register & printer machine requires no ribbon
  • Blank paper with no printing work  (we can do printing thermal paper roll as well)
  • Mostly used paper size is 80x80x12mm (width x diameter x core size)
  • Paper is not attached to the Core inside
  • Red warning mark at the end of the paper rolls (paper strip length is usually 0.8m )
  • Other mostly used sizes are 3 1/8” x 230′,3 1/8” x 225′,2 1/4”x75′
  • Paper can be functional well in Epson,Hisense,Seiko and many other brands machine
  • Packing: 50rolls/case or as required (OEM with customer brand & logo is Free)

Download Blank Thermal Register Roll Info.pdf

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Date: March 12, 2013