76 x 70 Duplicate Paper Rolls – White & Yellow

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76 x 70 Duplicate NCR Roll

76 x 70 Duplicated Paper Roll is made from carbonless paper roll (so-called NCR roll).It can act as same function with thermal paper,used in hotels,banks,government,retail stores,etc. One copy can be reserved for yourself,while the other copy can be taken away by the customer.

Key Feature of 76 x 70 Duplicated Paper Roll :

  • 76mm (3″) width x 70mm diameter
  • 12mm x 17mm core size,2.5mm core thickness
  • Used for dot matric receipt printer,when printed in the first ply,the second ply can also show blue or black image under the pressure
  • Another similar carbonless paper is called self contained paper roll,which has different principle with it
  • Either white,pink,yellow ply paper roll is okay
  • Clear,neat and long duration print-out image after printed.
  • Made from 48gsm,50gsm,55gsm carbonless paper
  • Other hots duplicated paper rolls sizes are :
  • Widely used for worldwide markets,such as :
    • Australia ( Melbourne,Sydney)
    • Egypt ( Cairo,Alexandria )
    • Kuwait
    • Israel
    • Saudi Arabia
    • UAE ( Dubai)

Unit Price: $0.450/roll

MOQ: 5,000 rolls

Packing: 50 rolls / carton

Date: February 28, 2014