57 x 60mm Wood Free Cash Register Roll

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57 x 60mm Wood Free Cash Register Rolls

Wood Free Paper Roll is used for doc matrix printer which requires ribbon.The main difference between thermal paper and wood free paper is thermal paper requires no ribbon,while wood free paper needs.

Key Feature of 57 x 60mm Wood Free Paper Rolls :

  • 57mm width x 60mm diameter x 12mm core inside
  • Different paper roll width is available,such as 37mm,44mm,57mm,76mm,82mm,etc
  • Customized diameter is available  such as 50mm,44mm,55mm,60mm,70mm,80mm,etc
  • 55gsm,60gsm,70gsm,80gsm bond paper weight for customer option
  • Blue image after printed,neat,clean and fabulous
  • Worldwide market is reachable for us such as :
    • Israel
    • Singapore
    • Angola
    • Morocco
    • South Africa
    • Australia
    • Zimbabwe

MOQ: 10,000 rolls    Packing: 100 rolls / case

Unit Price : $0.250/roll

Date: December 18, 2013