• POS Paper Makes Every Order Count
    POS paper makes transaction much more easier than ever.
  • Rapid Transaction for Life on the Go
    Mobile payment system and paper roll make the rapid transaction happen .
  • Customer Printed Rolls for Colorful Life
    We can fully customise your till and tally rolls with full colour logos, terms and conditions, special offers and promotions. Maximise sales. Let your receipts work for you
  • BPA Free Thermal Receipt Paper
    We care about paper, care about the environment and care about you .
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 s the leading manufacturer and supplier of thermal paper roll in China,we serve our dealers and resellers by providing superior service, pricing, paper roll products, packaging and marketing tools. Our paper roll products include:

  • Thermal Paper Roll
  • Bond Paper Roll
  • Carbonless Paper Roll
  • Fax Paper Roll
  • ATM Receipt Paper

All of our products meet OEM specifications and are always 100 percent guaranteed.

We Have 300+ customers from 20+ countries

  • The company has been providing excellent services whenever asking for product information or support, especially when we placed the printing roll order,as it is not easy to make it perfect,but the sales guy is always nice to resolve the issue till i am satisfied. I would like to thank them for well support.
    Jesse Akimist, Procurement Manager
  • Initially I search around on Google and find the company which seems to be good at paper rolls.So I ask some pieces of samples from them.After that,I bought half one 20'ft container.It turns out to sell well in my local market.From then on,I continue to buy 1-2 full containers from them.They indeed did good work in whatever delivery and quality control.  
    Mouayad Anshu, Manager
  • I have been working with them for over 3 years,to be honest,they help me to grow my business in my country. Initially I only own one small company supplying small quantity to the local market.With their great support & care,now I win many tenders from local banks,government. Only in last years,I got over 1 million profit in the paper roll business. I Do Love Them.
    Jane Clinton, Business Manager